Are Your Beliefs Hurting You?

Who we are now has so much to do with who we were as kids and how we grew up. Do you ever wonder how children can be raised by the same parents and still turn out to be so different as adults?

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It’s the Small Stuff!

New Year’s resolutions can be great….IF you stick to them! Why do so many fail?!

Come January 1st, you’re not always mentally ready for that big change you want to make. Starting when you aren’t mentally ready, that requires force and force does not bring ever lasting change.

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How do you want to live?

Turning 40 last year really hit me, in a great way!

Although I logically knew I was going to die one day, it was only a thought, an idea. But when I turned 40, it was no longer a thought, the thought became a feeling, an actual knowing I was going to die one day and I only had so many years left on this earth to enjoy.

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Vipassana Experience

For those of you, who haven’t read my previous blog Happy or Unhappy, You Chose!, or know what you can/can’t do in a Vipassana Meditation Course…..it’s 10 days living like a Monk

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