Mindfulness & Meditation Training

Meditation vs Mindfulness – What’s the difference?

Mindfulness – Put simply, it’s being present with each moment without judgement, the art of allowing. Mindfulness can be experienced during any moment. Washing dishes, walking your dog, taking a shower…in every aspect of your life. You can also choose a mindfulness meditation, bringing your awareness to the breath, body, thoughts. 

Studies show, those who are present, are happier than those who imagine a wonderful future.

Mindfulness Training is the opportunity to build the muscle of being in the moment, completely present, without judgement. This training is another aspect that leads to Emotional Freedom. 

When we resist our emotions, or react to them, we begin to block energy in the body, storing the emotions and memory. When emotions are stored in the body, they can create dis-ease. You will also find yourself overreacting to situations, having outbursts from intense crying to anger. Unable to handle situations in front of you without them creating an emotional charge. These emotional charges are old stored emotions wanting to be released. By continuing to resist or react, you continue to add more stagnant energy and old memories in your body. 

With Mindfulness Training, you will learn to allow the release of these emotions in constructive ways. Giving you back your Emotional Freedom. 

Guided Meditation – You are bringing in a feeling, an energy, creating what does not exist in the moment. Most often accomplished through visions and sound. Can be used for self healing, increasing your vibration, connecting to a Higher Power, retraining your thought patterns, tapping into the subconscious, the Higher Self, Guides/Angels…..possibilities are limitless.

Your Guided Meditation Training is costume designed for you. What is it that you are looking for? That you want to experience? I will then create a session just for you. 

Still undecided yet?