It’s the Small Stuff!

New Year’s resolutions can be great….IF you stick to them! Why do so many fail?!

Come January 1st, you’re not always mentally ready for that big change you want to make. Starting when you aren’t mentally ready, that requires force and force does not bring ever lasting change.

But there is hope!

Ever heard of the book, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy?

If not, I highly recommend it. It’s an easy read and well worth it! It will give you a different perspective on making small consistent changes and how powerful they could be.

The Compound Effect gives you some great examples of how it all works, the bigger picture. One example, is you buying just one $4 coffee a day.

So you may think $4 for a coffee a day is no big deal, it’s your special treat. Well, when you look at it as only $4, sure! But what if I told you that $4 per day over 20 years is now $51,833.79!! What kind of special treat can you buy yourself now? Let’s not even discuss if you properly invested this money as well 🙂

The same applies to little actions we take on a daily basis. For starters, the simple act of stating what you are grateful for as soon as you wake up every morning. You may not notice a shift in you the first few days, but over time, it will definitely have a positive effect on your life.

Another great example from the book, the difference between the #1 golfer and #10.

“After hundreds of tournaments played and thousands of strokes tallied, the difference between #1 ranked golfer and the #10 ranked golfer is an average of only 1.9 strokes, but the difference in prize money is FIVE TIMES (over $10 million versus $2 million)!”

Tell me that doesn’t speak to you!

I challenge you…

1 – Write down a goal you have. Can be something material, or a feeling, a way of living, whatever you choose.

2 – Choose a small action you can take daily that will take you to that goal and practice it every day.

3 – Go about your daily routine and ask yourself, will this action or thought take me to my goal?

Example…My goal, see the positive in every moment. Now, if I choose to watch 1/2 hour of the news every day, full of negativity and fear…what kind of mindset will that bring me in 1 year? Definitely not the positive one!

Remember to stay in the moment, be present in your own life to actually experience it.

With love,