Happy or Unhappy, You Choose!

Excited or scared, you choose!

That’s right!  You get to choose if you want to be excited or scared, happy or unhappy.

Which one do you choose?

Happy right?! That’s what I like to hear 🙂

You see, one way to be happy is to choose what you focus on. Yes, what you focus on plays a large role in determining if you are happy or unhappy.

I’ve had the privilege this week of really experiencing what a shift of focus can create in the body.  You see, next week I’m headed to a Vipassana Meditation Course. For those of you that don’t know, I’ll be spending 10 days in silence, no contact with the outside world (I’m handing over my phone), and zero distractions. That includes reading and writing. I’ll be living like a Monk for 10 days. To add to that, I haven’t been away from my daughter for that long of a period, with zero contact.  

So, the other day it really hit me. The thought of being away from everyone I love, and not being able to contact them whenever I wanted, absolutely freaked me out. Yes, many would say “huh, I’d love that!”, that’s what I thought originally to LOL! I physically felt like someone punched me and my heart was racing.

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Then it hit me, oh wait, let’s change focus!

I then imagined how great it would be to just step away from everyone for only 10 days and focus on myself. A chance to not think of anyone or anything except ME…..what?…..only ME?! Now that started to get me excited!! I started to feel this light, happy, excited feeling all over my body.

So, then I thought, let’s have fun with this. I went back to the negative focus and again, felt terrible. But hey, I then went back to the positive focus and felt great again!

It turned out to be a great, fun experience testing out if changing focus makes a difference. But oddly, I didn’t always choose the positive focus….now isn’t that interesting….I know why, but that’s for another blog, another time 🙂

Now you have fun with it!

First, bring your attention to your body and how you currently feel.

Next, think of a situation and focus on the negative aspects.

How do you feel?

Next, take the same situation and focus on the positive aspects.

Now how do you feel?
Have fun going back and forth 🙂

I’d LOVE to hear how your experiment went. Add your experience in the comments below! OR join me on Facebook 🙂