Are Your Beliefs Hurting You?

Who we are now has so much to do with who we were as kids and how we grew up. Do you ever wonder how children can be raised by the same parents and still turn out to be so different as adults?

Every home is different — some parents are better than others when it comes to showing affection, or modeling healthy relationships, or teaching values. Two siblings can grow up in the same house and end up being WILDLY different people! It’s strange, isn’t it? But the thing is, we’re all unique people — so, each child develops their own perspective and takes away different lessons, values, fears, and memories.

Our perspectives and deeply held beliefs are formed over time, starting very early on. Of course, perspectives can change, but those early beliefs help to shape how we see things going forward. Here’s the thing, though: sometimes, those perspectives are based on false assumptions. The way that we remember certain events can seem very real to us, but there can be a big gap between how we recall things and what really happened — especially when we’re talking about childhood memories!

When we hold onto those false perspectives and let them color our current viewpoints, that’s a problem.

NBC’s hit drama This Is Us is a great example of this. The show features three characters who are siblings: Randall, Kevin, and Kate. Throughout the series, we see that each of the three have very different perspectives on their childhood and on the family dynamic. One sibling, Kevin, was seen as being entitled and spoiled. But as the series went on, we learn that Kevin himself was acting out because he felt like an outcast in the family — his parents favoured his siblings and he was left feeling disconnected and left out. Learning Kevin’s perspective gives a whole new understanding of the situation, right??

It’s important to keep in mind that your perspective isn’t always the “right” perspective — and it shouldn’t be set in stone. Instead, learn to be okay with shifting it and with hearing other people’s perspectives. Be open to learning and questioning why you feel the way that you do. Your next great epiphany could be one conversation away!

Question for you – If your old beliefs are hurting you, what will it take for you to change them in order to live a happy, joyous, free life?