Reiki & Sound Reiki

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Aligning, Balancing & Grounding

It is important to have your energy bodies aligned. Being in alignment, balances and harmonizes healing energy. It increases your vibration to 100% Divine Love for your highest good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. From this place, you have clarity, relaxed focus, you make great decisions and choices. It is grounding, uplifting and energizing.

Negative Energy Cords

We are all connected, something more and more of us are coming to realize. We can sense, feel others and know when we get a good “vibe” or a bad “vibe”, without even knowing a person. You can sense the compatible and incompatible energy of those around you.
We all have the ability to send out an energy cord, negative or positive. Many it happens with those relationships that end, where one of the two just cannot let go. This negative cord then connects the two. For the one that wanted to let go, they find themselves stuck, thinking of the person again and not understanding why. 

There are also those people that do not wish to do their own inner work and want the easy route out. They are anxious, depressed, angry, bitter, playing the blame game and prefer to feed their fears by deceiving or cheating others. These individuals can be anyone in life, family, friends, strangers, ex-lovers. They can be in so much pain, they can’t see a way out so they send out negative cords. They would rather attach negative cords to those doing great in order to feed themselves. 

The effects of negative cords are not pleasant. They are taking your energy and replacing it with their negative energy. You may feel tired, have thoughts you normally don’t have which then brings you down and creates blocks in your own energy system. Receive a Sound Reiki energy healing to remove them.

Home Clearing

Feel that there is something in your home? Something just doesn’t feel right to you? Let’s get your home cleared and blessed. Book a single session below and mention this is a home clearing in your comments.

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