How do you want to live?

Turning 40 last year really hit me, in a great way!

Although I logically knew I was going to die one day, it was only a thought, an idea. But when I turned 40, it was no longer a thought, the thought became a feeling, an actual knowing I was going to die one day and I only had so many years left on this earth to enjoy.

This then led to another thought, well, how do I want to spend the next half of my life?! Do I want to spend it the way I did the last 40?! Conditioned by my past experiences and what I “learned” from society. Living life from my limiting beliefs OR did I want to break free from all limitations and create the life my heart and soul truly wanted?!

Just the thought alone I felt SO free. Knowing I can create everything I wanted.

I was excited, I was taking action…then…very slowly…I got engulfed by old limiting beliefs again and fell into the Matrix, the trap! Boy, is it so easy to do.

I had to create new habits, patterns, apply new tools to break free from the old limitations.

Sometimes, it’s just so simple and we need simple reminders. For me, I created a few signs around my home to remind me “How do you want to live the next half of your life?” I put them where I knew I would see them. And well, I can get into a “bad” TV habit so I even put one right above my TV LOL 🙂

This sign helps me stop and think, is my current action and/or thought going to nourish me and take me where I want to go or keep me where I’ve been.

Great questions are the triggers to greater answers. What is your great question? Where do you need to put up reminder signs?

With Love,