Welcome…The next phase of your journey begins Now.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Diana, and I’m an Emotional Freedom Coach and Accredited EFT / Tapping Practitioner based in Canada.

I will be your guide on your journey to everything being possible. You consciously creating your life and not living by default. Living the life you desire, through emotional freedom.

I have always been intrigued by the human mind, people, and the way we interact in the world. I have found fascination in learning what makes people who they are, the patterns they have created for themselves, how those can be transformed, and how we can learn to live more fulfilled, connected lives.

My goal as an Emotional Freedom Coach, EFT Practitioner, Healer, and Guide is to help you uncover the unconscious barriers that are keeping you from living at your highest purpose and potential.

“Life is NOT about waiting for the storm to pass, it IS about learning to dance in the rain.”

I am a firm believer that there is so much joy and happiness in the world and our lives are full of ENDLESS possibilities, opportunities, and adventures. We are capable of achieving all of our heart’s desires when we know what our blocks are and how we can remove them to live out our purpose.

My goal is to help you fulfill a life full of peace, love, and joy.

I have always wanted to help people. From a young age, my interest in the human mind gave many the impression that I should work as a therapist or a psychiatrist. I ignored the idea of working in the field of mental health and personal development since the options were so limited when I first started my journey.

As I had continued to take course, after course, I knew that holistic healing was my calling and life’s path but I never found one method I wanted to practice the rest of my life.

As my own journey continued forward, I dealt with very intense life experiences that left in its path, trauma. I knew that I was in no place to be helping others the way I felt called to. I was looking for ways to help myself and those affected by similar situations that felt like they were never-ending, traumatizing, and overall affecting the everyday course of life.

Through all of those experiences and the independent healing I practiced, I was elevated to a new mindset and I knew I was able to help others do the same. I was once told, “After everything you have been through, it is amazing that you are who you are,” and that completely changed the way I viewed my life and the experiences I was given. The gift behind our experiences is the ability it provides us to help others– I could understand them and I started learning more and more about helping people to elevate from their current situations.

I discovered Energy Psychology, or EFT Tapping which is an Emotional Freedom Technique. I had been a Life Coach for a while but I felt like there had to be MORE to what I was doing. More I could do to help my clients truly release what is blocking them. More I could do to dive deeper with my clients. Whether it was trauma, life experience, limiting beliefs, core issues, etc.

As a Life Coach, I achieved certification from an Accredited EFT Organization, EFT International, to allow myself to integrate EFT/Tapping into my practice and work to be an Emotional Freedom Coach based from Toronto. Aside from my EFT Practitioner status, I am also a Reiki Master and Sound Reiki Master infusing energy healing into the practices I teach and administer with my clients.

With Energy Psychology and EFT/Tapping I was able to fully serve my clients in a way that changed not only their results but the course of my teachings and life’s work.

Emotional Freedom Coaching:

Using this combination of life coaching and EFT/Tapping, I help my clients identify the barriers in their lives that are keeping them from unearthing their true calling and following their passions.

Throughout our time together, I will help you disconnect from negative patterns that keep you from moving forward. We will work together to shine a light on the hidden obstacles you are facing and create the path to your personal, emotional freedom.

I work with people who are invested, willing to commit to honesty, receptivity, and emotional generosity for themselves and others.