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Allowing Flow, Letting go of Control EFT / Tapping

Tapping on the need to control our external environment. Especially how others act or treat us. When in reality, all we can do is stay confident that we are capable of creating our own reality. Allowing us to flow with our emotions, rather than controlling them, we are able to release them with ease. When we fight our emotions, judge them, judge ourselves, we make the human experience of emotions unnecessarily difficult. We are human, we have emotions, we cannot run from them, but by allowing them with no judgment, they no longer need to control us.

how to forgive

Forgiveness Techniques

When you forgive yourself first, then it’s a lot easier to forgive the other person…. Huh?! Myself?! But I didn’t do anything! I get the confusion. You’ll be surprised to find out that a lot of your anger towards another is at yourself for allowing it to happen to you. Maybe fo rnot having stronger boundaries, or not speaking up, giving a person a chance, or trusting them when you shouldn’t have….many reasons! Give forgiving yourself a shot! You may be pleasantly surprised how much anger and resentment gets released.

Introduction to EFT

Get a better understanding of EFT aka Tapping. Join me as I interview my trainer, Susan Bushell, B. Sc., Energy Therapist, EFT International, Accredited Master Trainer, Website www.freeyouremotions.com

Introduction to the Tapping / EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) points

The Power of Sex, Moon Cycles & Feminine Energy

Get a better understanding of how the moon cycle affects women and what their needs are during different times of their menstrual cycles. We talk further about feminine energy and the importance of embracing it. Then we learn about the power of sex. That what we’ve learned in today’s society is false, and disempowers us. When in fact, sex is a very powerful act, both solo and with a partner. 

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Letting Go of Fear – EFT the fear of letting go of fear

We will be tapping on the fear of letting go of fear. In many cases, we want to let go of a specific fear, only to find out, we are scared to let go of the fear. There is a limiting belief that fear keeps us safe. That the fear protects us and makes sure that nothing goes “wrong”.

Shame, Unworthiness, Not Good Enough – EFT / Tapping

We will be tapping on a very common issue going around. Feelings of shame, unworthiness, and not good enough. Emotions related to the Sacral Chakra. These limiting beliefs block life from flowing. Allowing what we want to attract into our lives, love, joy, money, success, and more. In this video, we will also focus on balancing your Sacral Chakra, clearing energy from your bloodline, past lives, and energy cords.

Loving Yourself in Your Relationships

Join me as I interview Frank Di Genova in this enlightening webinar about relationships. Find out why we struggle in our relationships and how to make them successful

Introduction to EFT

This is the original video created by Gary Craig to introduce EFT to those who visited his website. It is well worth the 7 minutes it takes to watch it.

This is a great way to start your day. Only 5 minutes once you get the routine down. This will bring you more calm and balance into your day. If you need a boost mid-day, go for it!

Here I interview Catherine Varga, Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Speaker. In this video, you will receive an introduction to vibrational healing – Sound Reiki. Get to know why you attract what you do, the importance of who you keep in your life, how like attracts like, and more. Catherine’s website www.soundreiki.com